PrivaCare nursing care at home in Lahore, Pakistan & surrounding cities is performed by Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) verified staff to help you recover faster and live better in the comfort of your own home.

All of our nursing staff undergoes rigorous background checks, have completed nursing degrees/education, procedural training, & hospital/ICU training. Thanks to our commitment to our patients and compassionate nursing care at home we have been able to help hundreds of patients recover faster & live better all while in the comfort of their home across Pakistan.

Our nurses remain in direct contact and are supervised by senior doctors and/or your physician to help create the best treatment and homecare plan for your specific needs. We understand that inviting someone into your home can be a difficult decision, that is why PrivaCare offers complete transparency to make you feel comfortable and to help develop a relationship between you and your at home care taker.

Our mission at PrivaCare is to deliver quality care with compassion with our nursing care at home services across Lahore, Pakistan & surrounding cities. For a free of cost consultation please call us at 0300-858-2273 (CARE).

Our Nursing Care At Home Service Includes:


Health Assessments

Daily vital checkup

Wound care

Wound management & sterilizing/cleaning

Dressing changes

As per medical requirement


IV management

IV infusion care and administration.

Medication reconciliation

Daily medicine intake/contraindication management.

Medication administration

In coordination with your doctor or physician.



At home administration of injections.

Heparin flushes

At home administration of heparin flushes.

urinary catheters

Management and administration.


Tube, Drains, & Bags

Management, sterilizing, & replacement.

Diabetic Care

Complete diabetic management solutions.

Mental Health Care

For those suffering from neurological disorders.


Oxygen Administration

Both acute & chronic conditions.

Cardiac Care

For patients with cardiac conditions.


Any other request you may have.



Health Assessments
Our trained nursing staff will conduct daily (depending on your schedule of service) health assessments across a full physical examination. This includes checking and monitoring of blood pressure, vital signs, glucose monitoring, post op monitoring, and/or any other required assessment based on your condition.
Post-surgical Care
Post-surgical care is critical and can be the deciding factor in the success of your procedure. Our highly qualified nurses are skilled in pain management, feeding and includes multiple services including pain, fluid, and respiratory management during this critical time – all in the comfort of your home.
Wound Care / Dressing Changes
You may not know that the healing process varies depending on the wound type and that specific care must be taken for each. Our nurses are experienced in handling post-operation surgical wounds, infected wounds and pressure sores utilizing the best practices to ensure safe and reliable healing. This includes wound cleaning and changing of dressings.
Urinary Catheterization Care
Our nurses can help you with urine catheterization care at home; be it catheter insertion, catheter removal or bladder wash. You no longer are required to visit a hospital each time you need cauterization support – PrivaCare can assist you in the comfort of your home.
Oxygen Administration
Oxygen administration is required in both acute and chronic conditions like trauma, hemorrhage, shock, breathlessness, pulmonary disease, and more. We understand these issues can cause panic and distress but do not worry – PrivaCare home nurses are efficient and highly trained to deal with such cases, all under the supervision of our senior doctors and medical staff.
Injections and IV Infusion
Save yourself the trouble of regular hospital visits when it comes to frequent injections and IV infusions. Simply call us and have an experienced nurse administer them in the comfort of your home.
At home nursing packages, schedules, and pricing.
Our at home nursing packages are custom tailored to your specific needs and medical condition. We develop our treatment plans in conjunction with your doctor, physician, and under the supervision of our senior doctors and world renowned medical team. PrivaCare offers a wide range of extremely affordable medical equipment rentals and can also customize a package for you with required equipment in mind. Contact us via phone or fill out our simple information request form and we will be in touch soon.