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Besides offering hospital-quality healthcare to individuals, PrivaCare also works with leading hospitals, experienced doctors, nurses, diagnostic centers and others to improve health outcomes for patients as well as profitability for our partners. If you would like to explore how PrivaCare can offer on-site healthcare to your patients, customers, or employees please click here contact us today.  If you are looking to request an appointment or for a free consultation please use our appointment request page by clicking here.




PrivaCare makes obtaining trustworthy and reliable home healthcare easy and affordable for individuals. We offer hospital-quality care in the comfort of your home through our customized packages. If you require medical assistance or know someone that does please feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.


Family Living Abroad

Many of us living in the US often have family back home in Pakistan, whether it be parents or grandparents . PrivaCare offers you peace of mind by providing at home, around the clock care for your loved ones along with weekly reporting directly to you. Let us help you stop worrying by having one of PrivaCares high skilled staff take care of your loved on as if they are a member of the family.


Doctors/ Hospitals

PrivaCare partners with medical professionals of all kinds – from smaller private and group practices to larger hospitals and institutions, providing hospital-quality care in the comfort of your patient’s homes. We assist and help expand your current healthcare offerings by offering post-hospitalization and post-treatment care. This provides you with expanded services, continued treatment of your patients at home, as well as revenue growth through our revenue share us to learn more.



Often times it can be difficult to manage and control medical checkups within a business. With a small or large number of employees regular medical checkups for communicable and non-communicable disease is vital to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. PrivaCare offers employers or businesses custom healthcare and checkup packages at heavily discounted rates – all performed on-site saving you time and money.