PrivaCare Nursing Care at Home Lahore, Pakistan

Welcome to PrivaCare

PrivaCare offers hospital-quality healthcare in your home across Lahore, Pakistan and surrounding cities. Our extensive network of highly qualified doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, physiotherapists, and pathology lab technicians provide at home visits to help you recover faster & live better. We offer nursing care at home, elder care at home, physiotherapy at home, trained attendants at home, lab testing at home. All of our staff have passed our rigorous hiring standards and have had their backgrounds and medical training/education verified by our senior doctors to ensure you receive the best medical care possible all in the comfort of your home.

PrivaCare's at home procedures were developed in consultation with leading home healthcare professionals in the United States & Pakistan so that we can offer you high quality & compassionate medical care.

Who can benefit from PrivaCare?

PrivaCare works with leading hospitals, experienced doctors, nurses, diagnostic centers and others to improve health outcomes for patients as well as profitability for our partners.


  • Receive hospital-quality care
  • At home comfort
  • Customized packages

Family Living Abroad

  • Peace of mind for you & your loved ones
  • Reports and weekly follow up
  • Consulting with senior doctors/physicians


  • Provide hospital-quality care at patient’s homes
  • Assist specialists by offering post-hospitalization care at home
  • Get more time to treat critical patients at hospitals


  • Discounted company packages
  • Set up yearly checkup schedule
  • Organized reporting

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