Ambulance Hotline: 0300-334-CARE (0300-334-2273)


PrivaCare (in association with Doctors Hospital Lahore) is proud to announce that we are now offering full mobile ICU ambulance services including transport with ventilator across Lahore and surrounding cities.


Our ambulance service in Lahore, Pakistan (emergency hotline ph: 0300-334-CARE / 0300-334-2273) is fully equipped for shifting the patients with full ICU support who are critical, patients with multi-organ failure on various life support systems, patients with cardiac emergencies like acute myocardial infarction (heart attack), angina, arrhythmia, and more.

We also offer full transport of patients from home to hospital, between hospitals, and more across Lahore, Pakistan & surrounding cities. We are one of the only facilities in all of Lahore offering this type of transport utilizing fully ventilator equipped vehicles along with our experienced senior medical staff who have performed countless transports in the past. Our emergency services are offered in direct partnership with Doctors Hospital Lahore offering state of the art emergency transport with affordable rate packages.

Privacare ambulances are equipped with basic and advanced life support ambulance services having all emergency lifesaving medications, hence providing an environment of intensive care unit (ICU) of any hospital. We have highly professional team of doctors, paramedics & nursing staff, which are very well trained for attend any type of medical emergency & to perform while on the way during transportation of critically ill patients in our private ambulance services.


Basic & Advance Life Support Ambulance Services:

Air Conditioned

Oxygen Gas Management System

Storage for medical consumables

Wheel Chair

Emergency Kit

Emergency Medical Assistance

ICU facilities


Ventilation and Equipment:

Portable Ventilator

Electric Suction

LMAs and other

Airway Devices


Communication Devices


Emergency Drugs


Immobilization Devices:

Cervical Collar

Head Immobilization Kit

Spine Frame

Pneumatic Splints

Dressing and Bandages

PrivaCare Ambulance Services are at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to fulfill all your needs related to your loved ones with maximum safety, comfort and efficiency. To learn more about our ambulance service please feel free to contact our ambulance emergency hotline at 0300-334-CARE (2273).