How can at home healthcare can help you recover from surgery faster or nursing at home after surgery?

Having surgery can pose challenges for you. Not only do you have to schedule time off from school, work or other obligations, but you may also have fear that is associated with the surgery itself. After the surgery, recovery care is often overlooked by the patient and unfortunately, it is one of the biggest challenges you will face. Fortunately, nursing care at home after surgery from PrivaCare can help you recover faster and prevent complications from occurring post surgical treatment at home.

What does post surgical treatment at home include?

Depending on the type of surgery you have, your surgeon may include certain type of restrictions in your post surgical treatment at home. Some of these restrictions may include:

Extended bed best
Lifting restrictions
Driving restrictions
Limited standing
Other restrictions

As your body heals, the restrictions will be lifted and you will be able to resume your pre surgery routine. However, many patients do not heal at home after surgery as quickly as they want, and many end up with secondary medical conditions because they do not properly follow the instructions for post surgical treatment at home, they were given. This often occurs because the patients do not have nursing care at home when they return.

PrivaCare healthcare at home provides services such as nursing care at home after surgery.These services include at home nursing services, therapy services,medical equipment and non-medical services. Not all patients  need a nurse in the home after they have been discharged from the hospital; however, some patients do require assistance with daily tasks such as bathing and grooming and PrivaCare can help with our customized nursing packages.  By having a PrivaCare nursing specialist in the home to assist with these tasks, patients are able to recover faster. Patients often will add stress to their bodies by trying to complete these tasks on their own.

Nursing care at home from PrivaCare after surgery is for everyone, not just for the elderly. It is a great short term home health care solution for anyone who is healing at home after surgery.

If you or your loved one is scheduled to have surgery, please schedule a free assessment to see how we can assist you with your post surgical treatment needs at home by contacting us today.

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